Welcome to Zero Day Alpha One

For access to the next stage of the Alpha, sign up for our mailing list at: https://exploitzeroday.com/accounts/mailing-list/

We are rolling out Exploit: Zero Day version Alpha One. The “Alpha” means it’s playable but doesn’t have all of the features we want for the full version, and the “One” means this is the oneth release, which came after the zeroeth release.

This is a Closed Alpha. If you haven’t yet received an access key through the mailing list, linked above, your ability to do things will be limited.

For a tutorial video on how to solve the puzzles, see our Youtube channel here.

In Alpha One, you can do the following things:

  • Pursue jobs, missions given to you by the game’s characters. Start with the tutorial job.
  • Make matrix systems, puzzles that simulate hacking into a computer. Go to the new system page to start.
  • Make clusters, collections of systems that provide keys to unlock other systems in the cluster. This allows you to make a sequence of systems that are tied together as a larger set of puzzles. Go to the new cluster page to start.
  • Play other people’s systems and clusters.
  • Turn a cluster you’ve made into a home cluster, allowing you to earn a currency called “scryp.” See our guide to scryp rewards for more.
  • Use these forums for both IC and OOC discussion.

If you encounter any bugs or other issues, please make a new topic in the Bugs and Issues category to let us know.

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