Update to 0.14.0-0.14.3

Per today’s fun, Exploit: Zero Day has been updated to version 0.14.1. This is part of the Alpha One phase.


  • Public systems and clusters can now be shared via Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, Tumblr, and G+. Anonymous folks can play the shared system or the systems in a cluster that don’t have key requirements. Their system solutions won’t be saved unless they register, however.
  • Some styling updates as part of the above. Our “official” Internet Explorer support is now latest version only. (It was previously IE 9+.)

If you’re seeing this but don’t have Alpha access to the game yet, join the mailing list at https://exploitzeroday.com/accounts/mailing-list/ for a key when we send this month’s newsletter. If you’re a member of the press, request keys from https://dodistribute.com/access/2vDp0oOJXS/.

We’ve released a hotfix for an issue reported by @dots where users with Alpha access were seeing disabled navigation items and messages suggesting that they didn’t have Alpha access.

This is version 0.14.2.

Version 0.14.3 is a hotfix for an issue reported by @CuCN where the new system page was freezing.