Temporary outage in progress - Fixed

We’re having issues with an in-progress deployment, so folks may have trouble accessing systems and clusters until we get it fixed.

We’ll post back with an update as soon we have one!

Systems and clusters should now be accessible.

For the technically-curious, the issue had to do with how we were referencing system thumbnail images for schema.org/OpenGraph/Twitter card metadata on the system pages. We were using a technique used elsewhere on the site to reference thumbnails, but Django accesses static files differently when in production mode, so we didn’t catch that it needed to be done differently in this case until we deployed.

If you run into any further issues, let us know!

Systems, Clusters and Jobs are disable on the sidebar when I’m logged in. Is this normal? Also what is the hub for?

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Systems, Clusters, and Jobs should be disabled if you haven’t entered an Alpha key. However, I can see that you have Alpha access. Could you be logged into a secondary account? What shows as your handle in the upper-right of the main site?

EDIT: Nope, looks like a typo on our end. Looks like only staff can access some parts of the game right now. <_< We’re preparing a hotfix.

The Hub is a page that we currently have disabled; we may be using it as a sort of “new stuff” page where you can access new jobs and other important things, but we’re not sure yet. We’re still refining our concepts for the user experience there.

You should now see a normal navbar if you have Alpha access, and you will no longer see messages that suggest you don’t have Alpha access.