Systems showing in rankings but not in main list

I’ve noticed that some systems show up in the Clever/Creative/Challenging rankings without being available in the regular system list. There are 38 systems listed in “Others’ systems” and I have 9 public systems, but there are 77 systems in the rankings list. One thing the extra systems have in common is that they are all in clusters, but some of those clusters aren’t public.

This does not happen in the clusters lists.

Some examples of the “extra” systems:

The most likely cause of those inconsistencies is that we don’t always hide public systems that are locked behind keys in a cluster. Your second two systems are examples of that. Some of our lists show those, some don’t.

We added a ticket to our system recently to make this more consistent; we shouldn’t show those as publicly-available, even on folks’ account pages.

Public systems in a private cluster (like your first example) should be shown in the list, though, so we’ll keep those visible.