New Members Welcome Thread


This thread is strangely empty for a welcome to new members, am I in the right place?

…That being said, hi! My handle is CGError. I like comics, animated cartoons, and animated movies and stuff. If Samsara ruins everything they’ll ruin those too, and we can’t have that :wink:

Oh, and real life is also important. We can’t let Samsara ruin that either.

I’ll try my best to carry out Zero Day! It’s nice to meet you all!


Hey all. NuclearOption here. I enjoy getting scryp, ruining everything and other fun activities.



Let me guess: the only trace you leave is the crater where the server room used to be.

I’ll file you under plan U.

I’m sorry, they just write themselves.


plan U? huh? what does that mean?


Would it help if I said it was the 238th iteration of that particular plan?


Now I’m even more confused…


Pretty sure he means uranium.


I did not see that coming. I was thinking Doctor Who for some reason…

Full disclosure here, I have never watched Doctor Who.


hey everyone! This is Tobi. Im new to hacking and I find it very interesting, due to the fact that I’ve learned( and still learning… always learning :slight_smile: ) quite a few programming languages. I hope to have a very wonderful experience here!


selam ben bir kürdüm ve bize türkiyede haksizlik yapılıyor bana hackers öğrete bilirmisin.


Greetings, fellow Programs.

I’m the Joker. No, not the supervillain. I’m more like the playing card–better than your average card, always underestimated, rarely anticipated, and always wild. x)

Glad to be a part of this. I’ve always wanted to help people, but, I’ve always preferred to be a behind-the-scenes guy, hence why I wanted to participate in Zero Day; anonymity while doing what’s necessary to protect the innocent and flush out the guilty? Couldn’t pass this up.

I won’t be a stranger to these parts, and you can bet that I’m willing to do everything I can to make sure that, for once, the bad guys get what they deserve.


Hey there,

I’m nature1996. I’ve been around for a while now, but I just didn’t take the time to introduce myself yet.

For who I am, it’s quite simple. I’m a young man looking for justice that love symbolism and idea.

I’ve worked for an organization once, but now I’m freelancing. I tend to keep to myself, but I’m always happy to reply when contacted. English isn’t my first language, but usually I’m able to work around that fact.

I’ll be the kind to point other in the direction of something I find strange, rather than to investigate it myself. The reason is that I don’t always have a lot of free time.

I’m always happy to help, so don’t hesitate to ask me for help (that is, I might not be the most qualified most of the time).

Well, I believe that’s all for now. As would say one of my “friends”: See you around… Or not :wink:


Hello fellow h4ckers! I’m roothaxor. I am new to this kindda world, but I’m loving it, Everday I get to learn more techniques regarding hacking/security/programming. I find it fun, and I love doing it,

If someone needs help. I’m one call away. I will do my best to help anyone dudes.


welcome @roothaxor! old-timer here.

we’re always looking for people ready to fight the good fight. :fire: make sure to reach out publicly or privately if youve got questions! :+1:


oh, i forgot to do my intro here
might as well do it now
the name’s catcat, i’ve had some experience with hacking in the past, and i would like to learn tons more! i’ve got some (probably) unique tricks up my sleeve, and i’m hoping to try them out soon! :wink:
hopefully i can be of some use to you folks



My name is TRiXER aka PenUnix :smiley: I love Linux / Unix and Im very familar with it. I would like to be a Pentester in near future… and I thought I can learn a few things before making my OSCP. Im 18 Years old and Working in the IT-Video-Security brand. So the last thing I have to say is :

Hello to everybody !

greetings TRiXER


Hey everyone, I’m KodeZiro it’s nice to meet you all, I’m sure we will all get along :slight_smile:. I’m new to the hacking world and if anyone would like to work together I’m happy to do it thank you have a nice day everyone.


Hello everyone, DawnOfSystem here.
I’m coding for few years my favs are C and C++. I’ve been interested in hacking since kiddo but never really got into it. I’m here mainly to find someone who would help me at start.
Peace bruvs.


Hi I’m R0bot, and this is the handle I plan to use commonly. I have some others but I won’t disclose those.

I’m currently studying Maths/Physics/Computer science/Engineering at A level in the UK and hope to go on to a GCHQ cyber security apprenticeship or study computer science/cyber security at university.
I enjoy programming and really wanna get in to cyber security and malware analysis.


how to be a hacker? please teach me