New Members Welcome Thread

Hey, newcomers, what’s up? Welcome to the darknet. I’m sk3tch, and I guess I’m in charge around here? :sweat_smile: At least I’m the one KP comes to when he forgets his password again. Get a password store, dude.

Introduce yourselves in this thread and be adored! :two_hearts:

Heads up, though; we definitely had an attack on the darknet last week, and I’m seeing some weird traffic. Someone’s using the anonymized messaging system and there are some automated agents doing a sweep of the network. Our battlements are holding :european_castle: but be on your toes.



Hi I’m NoG00d! I’m not much of a hacker and I also don’t know about this Samsara stuff. Guess I would love to find out more about the company. Is it any more evil than the average corporation? Anyway, the jobs are fun!

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yo, welcome to the fold! i’m kernelpop.

i used to work for samsara, and i can tell you they’re pretty bad. they’ve got their fingers in all sorts of pies, including “security” gigs that involve funding armies in small-scale wars. small-scale just meaning only a few hundred die. :frowning:

i could go on about them for pages and pages, but suffice it to say that when i protested stuff like that happening, they screwed me over and i’m still crawling my way out of the hole they left me in.

p.s. - i don’t forget my password that often!

Hey there fellow 1337 Hackers!!!1! Ready to wreck some n00bs?!
But seriously, I’m Sh4de, and I’m a… well, if there’s info, I’ll hand it out. For a price~ ;3 I like to think I’m a decent hacker.

That isn’t to say I’m a one-trick pony. I’ll use some of my funds to help with Darknet. Hope you accept gold bullion, used rubles, and other things I’ve “acquired”, sk3tch! (from some naughty naughty boys, don’t you worry~)

Hi. I’m Bored5555.

I’m a bit shy… I think I’m okay at hacking, but I like analyzing the security systems that are around. I enjoy cracking down some of the tougher security systems, but I also prefer having a strong system myself, so I might take an idea or two every now and then…

Other than that, if someone needs help on anything, just give a call for help and I might help out, depending on the situation. I’m always willing to help… and I love a good challenge.

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Hey sk3tch, haven’t heard from you since (IM IN UR POST ABUSING MY ADMIN POWER NO ONE NEEDS TO KNOW ABOUT THAT STUFF). How have you been?

Hey, person who I totally wasn’t associated with during any major international incidents that the Department of Homeland Security still has on their surveillance watchlist! :sweat_smile: Good to see you here! :innocent:

I’ll just file away this screenshot for uhhhh… “purposes”. Why, is that a puppet string on your head there, sk3tch?

Hey, no need to get nasty and stuff. :angry: I’m sure we’ve all got things from our teenage years that we don’t want to come up easily on a keyword search. Ask me about it privately and I’ll tell you, but this forum is relatively public.

As for screenshots, I bet I can totally see the pixels on yours! Those images are so easy to doctor! I’m no puppet, and I ain’t afraid of no NSA. Wisely cautious, though, for sure. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Real talk, though: I’m not mad, just playing it safe.

I’m not nasty (and stuff)! I can tell jokes!

What do Samsara and EZD have in common?
The effects of their “good intentions”! *canned laughter*

And to Mr. “I’m a real boy”: I shall now refer to you as…

Hello, my name is Calabo. I am always looking for a good challenge, and hacking is one of those. I also find that making good security systems can provide some good entertainment.

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Hey, Im new… Alright, figuring out how to play the alpha version, I dont get the site:p

most definitely! whenever you build something cool, you should post it around here somewhere so we can give it a whirl.

welcome to zero day!

welcome, @Fliptus! i totally get that there are lots of moving parts around here. it can be confusing.

((OOC: You might find the out of character welcome post helpful for getting started, and you can always send a message to @Melissa or @gregory if you want some specific help! :relaxed:))

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This thread is strangely empty for a welcome to new members, am I in the right place?

…That being said, hi! My handle is CGError. I like comics, animated cartoons, and animated movies and stuff. If Samsara ruins everything they’ll ruin those too, and we can’t have that :wink:

Oh, and real life is also important. We can’t let Samsara ruin that either.

I’ll try my best to carry out Zero Day! It’s nice to meet you all!

Hey all. NuclearOption here. I enjoy getting scryp, ruining everything and other fun activities.


Let me guess: the only trace you leave is the crater where the server room used to be.

I’ll file you under plan U.

I’m sorry, they just write themselves.


plan U? huh? what does that mean?

Would it help if I said it was the 238th iteration of that particular plan?

Now I’m even more confused…