New home cluster but already completed

For new home clusters that have been previously solved, do you have to solve everything again to get scrypt?

Currently, our intent is that you have to re-solve to get scryp. The technical explanation for this is that we consider scryp rewards at solution-time; if we wanted to avoid re-solution we’d need to review every solution made for each system in a cluster when the cluster is installed as home.

However! Looking at the code for this makes me realize that we actually calculate (but do not assign!) a reward each time a system is solved, regardless of whether it’s a home system. That means that if you solve a non-home system before it becomes a home system, you will never earn a full reward for it even if you later solve it after it’s a home system. That is not our intent, and we’ll need to fix that.

We’ve fixed this issue. Moving forward, new systems will provide a full reward when re-solved in a home system, even if previously solved. It’s not practical to retroactively fix old rewards, so those values will remain.