New Batch of Deckjockeys - Say Hi!

Hey, what’s up, everyone? I just flipped the switch on a few new members who saw our call and wanted to sign up to fight the good fight. Sweet, right? Give them a warm welcome and stuff.

Oh, hey, actually, you can all say “hi” and things in this thread whether you’re an early adopter or a total noob. Introduce yourselves and whatever. We’re small now, but ZeroDay will grow. I’m working to get the darknet data transfer and messaging system up, and then we can start getting down to the real business.

Oh, and my old bro @KernelPop is having a little trouble with that Samsara system I dug up a while back. Getting slow in your old age, dude? :smirk: Help him out, someone!


hello everyone! Im brand new to this little thing thats going on here, but im very eager to see what we can do. I actually was contacted for this a while ago, but certain events made it unwise for me to put myself in any legal grey areas. ((I Signed up pretty early on but I accidentally lost the email for the beta until recently.))

Why I’m here? Knowledge.

Forgive me if I don’t trust you guys with too much now. Zero Day seems to be a little… sk3chy in certain areas right now.

However, I trust Samsara Digital (wikipedia link) even less. The enemy of my enemy is my friend, indeed.

Hello, everyone!

Well, what can I say. I’m still new to hacking as a whole (though I spent some time using the good ol’ LOIC against sites on their owners’ requests, but that doesn’t really count as hacking now, does it?), but when I found out that this operation exists, I knew that this is what I really wanted to do.

Before I joined, though, I made sure that my hardware was up-to-date, so it took a while before I have actually joined this. In the meantime, though, I was lurking on these message boards and tried to get a general idea of what’s going on here; I’m pretty sure at least some of you have noticed me.

Anyway, I’ve done some research on Samsara today, and found a target that might be interesting. I’d like to have a closer look at it before I’ll show it to everyone here. You know, just to make it completely sure that it doesn’t have a virus that melts computers hidden within those security systems. :smile:

Stay classy.


(OOC: I heard that Exploit was getting a sequel a few days ago, instantly went crazy over it, and was lurking in these forums for the past 3 days, reading every IC thread in existence (“lurking” isn’t really a good way to put it, since I have posted 2 times in here as well already) before I got the e-mail with the code that gave me access to the alpha.)

(Also, I’m preparing a cluster that will be… let’s say pretty tricky. Stay tuned. :wink: )

@Wraith Hey! Those legal issues can be a total drag. :sweat: Let us know if we can help you stay out of trouble!

@TChosen1, whoa, suspicious much? :information_desk_person: Trust me or not, but Samsara’s totally bad news. The stuff you can find out from public sources doesn’t even scratch the surface. KP’s told me about some things… anyway, that’s partly why we’re here, to go after Samsara and folks like that.

@hamuka, we’ll help you learn more than script kiddie stuff like automated DDOSing. If you can find a target, that’d be sweet! While I’m working on getting the darknet more feature-complete, we could use some low-profile boxes to cut our teeth on.


I’ve been in the business for a while, but I’m not really one for introductions or goodbyes, so I will have my future actions speak far more than a few personal words in an early introduction.

As for Samsara, I haven’t really encountered them directly before Zero Day. Only through rumors. I went through that recently discovered cluster and found it to be decent in terms of security. Decent is not good enough.

@sk3tch just because we signed up to fight Samsara doesn’t mean that we can’t play directly into Samsara’s hands.

There’s a few stories that come to mind. Maybe I’ll share them later.

I’ve already posted an oddity on these forums, feel free to check it out.

These clusters seem interesting, I just want to test my skills. Haven’t seen anything like this before.

Hello everyone! Objection is here to fight the good fight the only way he knows how - objecting to the security so hard that it is forced to leave the witness stand!

If I find any systems that somehow overrule me, I’ll show them to you folks in the hopes that you can succeed where I failed.


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