IC and OOC Guide

Most of the posts on this forum are In Character (IC). We pretend that Zero Day is real, instead of being just a game. We pretend that Samsara Digital exists, and that we are hackers that break the law and fight against those who abuse their power. It’s just a game, but to make it more fun we pretend it isn’t.

If you want to say something outside of the pretend bubble, you can go Out of Character, or OOC. ((Put double parentheses around everything that’s OOC.)) Try to do this as little as you can, only to clear up misunderstandings or make sure the other players understand something unusual you’re doing.

There are two places where you can be OOC as much as you want: the Out of Character category and the Meta category. You can talk as your real-life self as much as you want there and you don’t have to use parentheses. The OOC category is for general discussion and the Meta category is for talking about this forum itself.