Full speed vs. Other speeds

I’m curious as to what speed people are completing the systems at.

Personally I switched to quarter speed to get better time scores (as well as that latch block level in the tutorial cluster) and didn’t switch back. But I think I’ll be trying a full speed run of the game soon though.

What about you?

I usually stick with full speed unless I’m having trouble getting the timing right, then I switch to quarter.

There are time scores? I do half speed because I can’t click very fast.

There used to be time scores, but I think the devs got rid of them.

At any rate I just stick with quarter speed so I can definitely get the timings right.

I always stick with full speed. Even with issues with timing, I always stick with full speed. If I’m not getting the timing right, I just stick with trial and error until I get it right.

That’s pretty bold. I made this cluster about timing, and I’d be very impressed if someone could beat “2aT” or “Readiness” at full speed. “Rate Limiter” might be possible, but I couldn’t get the timing right without slowing it down.

I got your “Speed Test” systems at full speed, but I had to use one hand to move the mouse while clicking frantically with the other.

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Completed Rate Limiter at full speed. Took a few days to do it, felt dizzy after finishing it. I’m definitely struggling to do Readiness… I’ve gone as far as picking up the second key, but it seems that this is more of a level where you need to know where to click before it becomes available. As for 2aT… I’m working on it.

Also, I decided to take a look at the other clusters, and yours is definitely the hardest one there, and I like the challenge :stuck_out_tongue:

Your Experiment 6 looks like it’s got the same idea going on as Rate Limiter. Normally I wouldn’t even have considered doing them at full speed, but then I did both of them with the help of a metronome!

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Yeah, although that wasn’t the main focus of it, I plan on making it similar to Rate Limiter. At the moment, a cycle of 3 packets is amount needed at the least to get the key needed to finish the system. If the timing is slightly off for that cycle however, then 4 packets become necessary.

Figuring out that sometimes 3 packets just wasn’t enough, and other times being just enough, made it interesting. If I can eventually get the timing down for a cycle of 4 packets, then I will add more cyan nodes to block the path (and show that a cycle of 4 packets is needed).

Although the mess with having so many packets on screen at once from a 4 packet cycle will definitely make things harder when doing the final part (due to slowdown and timing).

Note: Here’s another system that I plan on making more difficult (for full speed). Similar concept as before, but working more towards Threading the Needle. https://exploitzeroday.com/system/0dZ1Qg/