Communication With Characters

In a previous post, Sk3tch mentioned that we can message characters using the PM system. Would I be able to get some helpful information out of this or just empty conversation that fits with the character? For example, in “Breaking the Cycle,” the choice is made on whether to delete or hand over IAmLaurieWu’s personal info to Mahadora. If I had messaged her, would she have told me what she would prefer?

The non-player characters’ forum accounts have real people behind them; we try to respond appropriately based on your current progress in the story. In your example, you would have gotten an answer… although she might have still asked for your input.

For folks who’ve PMed characters, what did you think of the response? We’ve tried to strike a balance between giving useful replies and maintaining the cryptic feel of the game.

Oh man.

I hadn’t realized that you could do that. Because of multiple reasons, I have been treating the forums and darknet as separate stories, due to OOC sections in forums + multiple people doing the same jobs thing.

I was wondering why there was no “contact IAmLaurieWu before making a life-changing decision for them” thing in the options. PMing via forums is an answer, but I’m still not sure why it wouldn’t be easier to add one.

I just messaged IAmLaurieWu to ask about a choice I need to make for her. I will post an update when she replies.

I’ve PMed sk3tch before regarding a choice on a job. He gave me exactly the info I was looking for, but he also indirectly implied that I should not trust Chamunda too much.

It made the choice more complicated, but also easier and more interesting.

I just received a reply from IAmLaurieWu. His/her reply fit well with the game, and cleared some things up for me regarding the character. I really liked that it gave me some more to work with, but was not a roadmap. Like CG said, it made the choice more complicated, but I feel that if I make a poor decision here, it will not be for lack of knowledge.

So are the responses premade, then decided on via player choices or custom made for each individual account? Ether way, this is really cool from a design standpoint. Keep up the great work. :slight_smile:

Thank you! Right now we custom-write PM responses, and we intend to keep doing so as long as it stays feasible. I hope we’re able to keep that up!

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I’ve PMed Wu for info almost two weeks ago. I have not gotten a reply. I’m guessing NPCs will be unable to respond to some PMs in some cases. Either way, I’m going to make a story decision without the info. Wish me luck.