Can't do anything

I made an account here, and I’ve verified the email and everything, but I’m locked out of all of the jobs, systems, and clusters. I can’t access anything on the site besides the forums. Am I doing something wrong here?

You’re not doing anything wrong. Exploit: Zero Day is currently in closed alpha, which means that we’re giving people permission to play the main game in stages.

To get access to the game, make sure you’ve signed up to the mailing list and you’ll get a code via email the next time we send a newsletter (roughly every month).

I’m in the same situation as the guy who started this thread. I’ve read a lot of forum posts, but just about every link I click takes me to an “access denied” page. I did manage to get into a cluster once and solve some puzzles, but I have no idea how or why I got access. I am so confused by this Alpha.

Anyone with an account is able to play systems and clusters that have been shared. To access the full content, you’ll need to enter your alpha code.

In the mailing list newsletter you just received today, there is a link to click to redeem your alpha code. Redeem your code and you’ll have full access!