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Hey, what’s up, folks? I’ve got a juicy target that could lead to something big.

@KernelPop and I have been talking about this Cyber Liberation Digital Security Policy thing that Samsara Digital is setting up. It’s basically hacking insurance: you get hacked, they give you money. If you don’t know much about Samsara, they’re basically big jerks that deserve to go under.

We’ve got ideas on that, and part of it is going to be understanding the payouts and rates for their insurance program. I found a server cluster they’re running that handles actuarial calculations… basically this is one of the systems that picks who gets insurance and how much it costs.

Check out that cluster. Get into the root system. See if you can pull any information on how they make their evaluations. This could lead to a way to fund our operations and take Samsara down using their own program.

Zero Day is watching.


That also makes me wonder… what exactly is insurance fraud under these circumstances?

IANAL, but I’m pretty sure what we’re planning isn’t… totally legal, you know what I mean? It sort of involves colluding with hackers of our own systems. But screw 'em; Samsara already breaks enough laws if you listen to @KernelPop, and they get away with it through loopholes and outright bribery and stuff.

Plus we’re working on some nice anonymizing and spoofing tech that should let us pull the digital wool over their proverbial eyes. Our basic plan: use their own insurance money that comes from their shady clients to take them down. Or at least make them change.


Yeah, lots of skeevy stuff going on at samsara. they won’t stop unless we make them. we should make them burn for what theyve done.

im taking a stab at these to see what i can learn. wish me luck.

guys… i could use a hint on that core system. how do i get the last port (near all those friggin latches), or do i even need it?

It’s been almost a year, but i’ve just joined. did you find the solution, if not I could help.

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No harm in adding an additional set of eyes to the mix. Who knows, maybe you’ll find something we all missed.

eventually! i miiiiight have had to duck out a few times to avoid some watching eyes but i got in and got what i needed. :eyes:

thanks, tho