When a system needs more than 3 keys to unlock

So I’m creating a cluster and I’ve got one system that requires 4 keys of the same colour (in this case green) to unlock. However, it looks like it only needs 1 key to unlock as there is only a single green padlock in the top left corner of the system when I’m viewing the cluster. My experience with the cluster used in the Breaking the Cycle job tells me that this problem also occurs with systems that need 5, 6 or more keys of the same colour to unlock.

I’m not sure what the best course of action would be, but it needs to be more obvious when a system needs lots of keys of the same colour to unlock.

Thanks for bringing this up! This is a front-end bug on our side that we’ll be taking care of in an upcoming release. (We noticed it with Breaking the Cycle, but really wanted to release the job without further hold-up. :smile: )

When there are 4+ keys of the same color, there should be a number next to the single lock (“4”, “5”, etc.). The bug is that the box isn’t big enough anymore to show the number; we must have made a styling tweak somewhere else that affected it.