Update to 0.6.4

Exploit: Zero Day has been updated to version 0.6.4. This is part of the Alpha Zero phase.


  • Resizing a system now animates the transition smoothly. This should help keep your bearings when resizing.
  • We added a footer to the page with credit to Future Proof Games.
  • The system data sent to players no longer contains every solution for the system.
  • The background console now updates a line at a time instead of character-by-character. This looks a little less cool but it should provide smoother system performance on slow systems.
  • The second time you add a system to a cluster without a page reload, you should now get an accurate list of available systems.
  • Newsletter signup is now integrated into the site instead of being hosted at Mailchimp.
  • You should no longer be able to see a job before you have messages available in it.
  • Assorted style improvements.

A huge new job is coming soon.