Update to 0.58.6

We’ve updated Exploit: Zero Day to 0.58.6 as part of the “Razor” release.

This release contains the following updates:

  • Fixed anonymous users’ ability to access shared systems/clusters tied to jobs.
  • Fixed an error message when viewing a solution of a locked system.
  • Fixed an error trying to create a new system and save its solution in one step, instead of saving the system and then solving it.
  • Fixed an issue where an anonymous user who solved a shared system and then registered didn’t get their solution saved to their account.

Exploit: Zero Day is available to play for free! Create and solve puzzles and clusters and play our free season of story, “Black Echoes”.

If you encounter any issues with this release, please report them in the Bugs and Issues category on the forum, click the bug icon at the upper right of every page, or email us at info@futureproofgames.com.

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