Update to 0.3.4

Exploit: Zero Day has been updated to version 0.3.4. This is part of the Alpha Zero phase.


  • We moved matrix system simulation (client and server) to millisecond timing, which should resolve minor floating point inconsistencies
  • We switched to using properly framerate-independent client-side simulation intervals for matrix puzzles, which should help certain lag issues.
  • We fixed an improper collection traversal that was causing subtle time inconsistencies with splitter nodes.
  • We now properly cancel tool strategies when leaving matrix system edit mode, which prevents you from creating unlinked buffers, flipflops, and keys.
  • Deleting a key node now unhides its linked port instead of deleting it too.
  • We prevented solving a puzzle for a second time after submitting a solution.
  • We added random frame offset to key nodes in the default skin so that they don’t animate in unison.
  • We made network errors on matrix system saving more readable.
  • We added a busy indicator and a success notification when saving systems.
  • The link from a system back to its cluster is now always visible.
  • The publicity information on your systems now also indicates cluster membership.
  • The system list now properly displays system visibility.
  • The clustersystem partial endpoint now properly handles system availability, preventing false “locked” positives during cluster editing.