Update to 0.18.0-0.18.4

We’ve updated Exploit: Zero Day to version 0.18.0. This is part of the Alpha One phase of development.

There are pretty big changes in this release. Their effects will be gradual, but they feel like big steps to us!


  • Jobs can now provide scryp, the currency used by ZeroDay. Once we have assigned scryp values to jobs, every player will receive a one-time scryp bonus to account for the scryp you would have received for finishing all current jobs.
  • You can now assign a home cluster on your account page or on your clusters list. It can be any public cluster you’ve created. For now, this just makes that cluster more visible, but in the future it will be a way for you to earn scryp.

If you’re seeing this but don’t have Alpha access to the game yet, join the mailing list at https://exploitzeroday.com/accounts/mailing-list/ for a key when we send this month’s newsletter. If you’re a member of the press, request keys from https://dodistribute.com/access/2vDp0oOJXS/.

Updated to 0.18.1:


  • Fixed a bug that caused the Key dialog to not accept changes when editing clusters.

Updated to 0.18.2:


  • We fixed a bug that was causing errors when solving draft systems.
  • Invalid solutions that take a long time to simulate should error out much more quickly than before.

Updated to 0.18.3:


  • We fixed a bug where a node that was inverted (via a flipflop or semaphore) while deactivated (via a buffer or sensor) wasn’t being displayed properly, so looked like it was misbehaving.
  • We made it so that your darknet profile links to your forum profile and vice versa.

Updated to 0.18.4:


  • Fixed a bug where players who were getting an alternate version of a message in a job would then get that message again after completing the job, resulting in an error.