Unable to open my own Darknet account page



It's been quite a while since I last logged in here, and I wanted to check to see if anything new has popped up recently, either for the profile pages, any new jobs (I have not purchased the Headless Swarm; I'm waiting for that to be free), or just anything in general. Attempting to open my Darknet account page causes a bad request page to show up. To be specific, a white screen with the words "Bad Request (400)" on it. On the console, it states "Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 400 (Bad Request). However, the forums account page is working fine- there seems to be no issues so far.


Sorry about that! A recent upgrade broke the display of badges on that page pretty badly, and it slipped through our regression tests. We'll try and get it fixed within the next few days.


This issue should now be resolved.