Two suggestions

  1. The system URLs. They’re just simple numbers, and this won’t work too well for very long. Some form of encryption or random string assignment would obscure the total number of systems, prevent accessing otherwise hidden clusters and make private system sharing more secure. This isn’t really an issue yet, but you should consider these things for the future.
  2. The system completion timer should start with the first port signal, not with the loading of the circuit. This would eliminate added time due to loading or lag and would allow the player to properly take stock of the whole system.

And finally, I think there should be a “suggestion” topic category. For, you know, suggestions.

There’s now a Suggestions category! Congratulations on having the first topic in it. :smile:

  1. Thanks to the way we do privacy and plan to do it in the future, sequential integer URLs won’t be a big issue one at a time. However, you’re right that they could become a problem; they allow for automated iterative attacks. I’ve added an task for this in our issue tracker.
  2. You’re completely right. I’ve created a task to start the system timer at the first ping instead of when the system loads.

Let us know if you have any more suggestions! They’re totally welcome.

The URLs for profile pages are also easy to find, and those pages list all systems a user has created, including private ones. Although it’s not possible to play those systems if they’re not public, the names and thumbnails are shown.

That’s an error on our part. Thank you for pointing it out! Only public systems should be shown. I’ll enter that into our issue tracker.