To condense fact from the vapor of nuance

Anyone remember the waggling fingers?
Well, it’s been a year since the message was sent, but if anyone is listening over the wall, I can say your message has been received.

If you want the solution:

The +0000 refer to Unicode code points, specifically emoji. The statements then refer to specific things.
John :snowflake: removal
John Snow is famous for removing a Pump Handle to stop a chorea outbreak
:sun_with_face::airplane: 522 origin
Helios Airways Flight 522 originated from Larnaca, Cyprus and crashed
:b::registered::radioactive: owner
The Goiânia accident was an radioactive incident in Brazil. The source was owned by Instituto Goiano de Radioterapia
(((Instituto becomes Institute in the password for some reason, the entire name should be Spanish :stuck_out_tongue: )))
We can put the answers together and use it as a Vigenére key.
This allows us to decode the request

Decoded request:

My job is to grep the web and know when big stuff is about to go down. To predict specifics, I need purer, more focused inputs. If you’re willing to toss me some details over the wall, I’ll output predictions as soon as I have them. We’re all A^Hanonymous here, so let’s exchange a little passphrase. When I ask for it, just tell me “To condense fact from the vapor of nuance.”

Why, you might ask, are a cholera outbreak, a tragic plane crash, and a radioactive contamination event the sorts of things trending right now? The shortest of answers: I don’t know yet. There’s probably not a literal rotten pump or radioactive container bouncing around the world at the moment, but a high toxicity corporate entity or idea that can subvert just by proximity? Some fatal mishap between humans and technological tools?


(((Anyone with Headless Swarm mind seeing what happens next?)))