Time to light the fires

lets marshal the troops and try a little job. i remembered that samsara has an insurance contract with a company robinson nautics. theyre systems are pretty wide open, so lets deface their site a bit and grab some account info.

connection info: https://exploitzeroday.com/cluster/g4pEN6/

Woah! What is up with this primo target? :slight_smile: I grabbed what I can but this is gonna take more than just our existing members! I’m working on that whole recruitment thing. If we can find some good candidates I think they can punch a hole in this.

What does Robinson Nautics do anyway? Space stuff?


“space stuff”, sure. gun stuff, space stuff. its all the same. gun stuff’s for the guvment contracts. theyre little leagues but hopefully im thinking their account db can lead us to some more targets.

For the fundamental rule of right, says Burlamaqui, and more irrevocable, without being traced. One whiff of information about who was an environment which spawned and shaped the author continue to be, to that which exists among us, if you had misplaced as much as knowing him, and not to the hospital list proved to have a pause and a police badge.

Stunned, and still less does anybody think of physicians, when they have got a job as a result of the parts for The Realm that Electron had already burst on the machine, but he is to destroy! for we were able to resist the voice of honour and continence necessarily increase debauchery and lead to two weeks before he introduced Gandalf.

Like the gaggle of children.

Dumb spambots. I gotta tighten up our scanner. I’d use Akismet or something, but we can’t risk having too much third-party software on our boxes. You know, on account of all the hacking.

I got some promising info from Robinson, I think. I’ll ping you in private about it.

Anyone but me find this “spam” interesting?

  1. 128 words. Or 2^7 precisely.
  2. Spambot was created 2 months ago before post, was active 1 week after supposed “spam”. No ban for spam?
  3. No links posted in supposed spam. Sk3tch’s edit only strikethrough.
  4. Spambot mentions both Burlamaqui (Surf the web to find out his ideas/writings) and Electron (Computer hacker in the group “The Realm”). Both of them are fairly relevant to our group.

The real questions to ask now are:
Is this a message? (maybe it’s coded somehow)
If so, who is sending it and for what purpose?
Why didn’t sk3ch see this, or why did sk3ch ignore the message?
Have we been compromised?

Edit: I ignored Gandalf as gibberish, but there’s a few things tied to that name I can no longer ignore. There’s a Gandalf chess engine and a Gandalf automated theorem solver, and Gandalf Technologies, among plenty of other things that could possibly relate to this group. Just another oddity in supposed spam.

My suspicion getting a little verification now it seems. Time to light the fires, and hope that we see the truth in the light.

That spam account’s a honeypot we set up a while back. Beyond that, some of our boxes are from KP’s stash, and they aren’t exactly factory default, but we’re only using those for the forums; the darknet boxes are guaranteed clean.

I’m leaving the posts up for now so I can use them for heuristic calibration when I finally get around to some antispam stuff. I’m leaving the accounts unbanned in case they can give more info. Sorry about the signal:noise, but better now when we have limited numbers than when we open up the floodgates.

Good job looking out, though, @TChosen1 ! You’re the sort of sharp eyes we need on our side.


Well, I’ve given up trying to find a secret message. However, during my research into a message, I checked if the phrases were taken from something else… and surprisingly, Roussau’s “Discourse on the Origin of Inequality Among Men” came up.

for, the idea of right, says Burlamaqui, and more particularly

This is slightly different from the bots version, but close enough.

^ This line is also from Roussau’s discourse. Word for word this time

The above two are taken from Underground: Tales of Hacking, Madness and Obsession on the Electronic Frontier by Suelette Dreyfuss by Julian Assange.

I also should mention another “Gandalf” candidate is a hacker mentioned in the book above.

That’s one well read spambot, and these seem to be interestingly related to our group. There’s probably other phrases stolen from other writings for you guys to find. Anyone find any?

Has anyone else noticed the account with the @SamsaraDigital tag? Honeypot?

That one’s on me. The forum account system is tied in to the darknet route identifiers, so I made an account for Samsara systems so I’d have something to tie them to.

Don’t worry; if anyone from Samsara wants access to our systems, they’ll have to hack in themselves. Which is totally… uh, possible, I guess. The only completely secure system is one its creator can’t access.

Anyway, totes not something you need to worry about. :sweat: BRB, doublechecking our firewalls.