So I was looking for some images a couple of weeks ago and I stumbled upon a website called ThieviantArt that had a colossal stash of images of just about everything! Courtesy of those users who submitted the images. I thought this was the solution to so many of my problems.

Thing is, I heard a rumour that most of the images there didn’t belong to the users who submitted them - they had been stolen. Worse still, one of the biggest culprits happens to be part of the administration team. There’s no way anyone’s going to do anything about this when it could result in the whole website being shut down and the more legitimate images being forever wiped from the Internet.

This is where you folks come in. I want you to investigate ThieviantArt and find out whether or not these rumours are true. If they are, I want you to see if there is any way of exposing the theft without losing the good stuff on the website. Here is a link for you:

Thanks in advance,