The Splitter node mechanics

I’ve noticed that when two packets hit the same splitter node at the same time, The splitter acts as though only one packet hit it (it kinda explains why the packets look so orderly even in chaotic splitter-filled systems.

Is this intentional? I’m designing a system based on two connected splitter loops and it would help me finalize the puzzle if I knew the answer

There’s an intentional cooldown:

Confirming this. Splitter nodes only work once per 200ms. The cooldown works per orientation; there’s a separate cooldown for when the node is hit from the left or right, and another for when it’s hit from the top or bottom.

This cooldown is pretty arbitrary; if it’s causing problems for a lot of systems, we may choose to decrease its length. There needs to be some amount of cooldown to keep packets from multiplying indefinitely.

At this point there are a couple systems that depend on the cooldown being 200 ms (one of mine, and I think @Bored5555 had one too).

Do you mean… this system by any chance? @CuCN

It doesn’t fully depend on the cooldown being 200 ms. Depending on one’s timing, they can complete this system with a cycle of 3 packets rather than the usual 4, but the timing might be a bit strict for that. Most of the time, I need to get 4 packets in to have the whole thing set up, but otherwise, 3 seems to be satisfactory, but only with good timing.