The last of the "drakes" asking for your help

Greetings to all members of Zero Day. Name is RAMandUS, or Ramandas if you prefer. And i came here to ask for your assistance, since i cant find strength to do this on my own, and my lack of actual skill is also complicate matters.

A little backstory. Im a member of a small hacker group knows as Aqua Drakes. Maybe you heard about us. Maybe you dont. That not matter anymore, as due to certain incident, im probably now the last member of this group.The last “Drake”. All contacts in our organisation was abrupted and fate of my friends to me remain unknown. I only know that a police booted themself in right into few of our members houses while we was having call. How they find us - remains unknown for me. I suspect that maybe we did somewhere an error and left the trail? On the other hand, i knew my pals way too good. Hard to belive somebody could mess up so badly…

In any case.
We had a homebase disguised as some website about ocean stuff, like spots for diving, fun facts about ocean and etc (Aqua Drakes, duh). And after the incident, i found only few remains of code. I suppose it all was deleted in order to cut cops from trails of other members. But… i have a hunch that there might be something left in remains.

The thing is - i need your help to recover data. It coded in a weird Pl that i dont know. zmol and stuff. So im rather stuck.

And here i am, asking for kind souls to help me discover what happened to my gang. My friends. We… We was like family there, and one day i lost it… I just want know why…

Here a compiled base where you can start digging in case you wish to help. Tho, i wonder about a certain piece of code that look rather… Weird. I dont remember seeing anything like this when site was still intact. Its new thing, and im not sure who added it… Be cautious and explore that part of code if you brave enough.

Waiting for the news, and thanks in advance to those who will try to help.

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