Testing for Graphical and other related bugs

I decided to see what would happen if a system were to purposely have a large number of blue nodes all attached to a single node, which in my case is the goal node. The result was this:


I’m curious: what’s this black-colored pathway that’s going from one of the blue nodes to the goal node? Is that supposed to be there, or is that a graphical issue popping?

On a side note, I noticed a huge amount of lag popping up whenever I did, well, anything with this many nodes on the system, about 10-20 seconds depending on the amount. Switching between nodes on the editor causes the lag. Creating a pathway between a blue node (haven’t tested yellow nodes and key nodes) and its destination causes this lag. Yet placing nodes do not cause any lag. I felt that the lag caused from changing nodes in the editor… shouldn’t be there, but it is. Is it normal for there to be some amount of lag similar to placing a blue node and attaching it to a destination? Or is this a possible issue?

One other thing: opening this system WILL take a little while: this is me just experimenting with: what happens when you try to overload a system with certain types of nodes?

Note: It seems that attempting to open this system will freeze activity in all of Exploit: Zero Day for the user. Question: Does this also affect other users who are not interacting with this particular system? If so, this might be a problem.

Purple/mirror: Packets stop appearing graphically, yet they are still going around.
Blue: Large amount of visible lag loading the system, and attempting to edit the system, except for just placing a node in the system. Have not tested the same with a key and yellow node.

Here is the same thing done with a 6x9 field of buffer loops attached to blockers.
I’m missing connections and some of the lines are diagonal.

I think the black line is a glitch from the auto router when it is placing connection lines.
The lag from placing connected nodes is due to the auto-router recalculating the paths every time they change.

You’re pretty much exactly right, yeah.

For the lag-related issues due to the system size and/or number of connections, we’re definitely going to take a look at those down the road – we think we can at least make some small improvements to both the pathfinding (line drawing) and packet processing areas. Those aren’t going to be high-priority for us in the short term, though.

It doesn’t affect other people playing, as the slowness is on the client-side, in your browser specifically.