Suddenly it's claiming I didn't finish the tutorial?

The opening job of Headless Swarm just included an OOC recommendation that I complete the tutorial, “Smoketest the Welcome,” except I did that months ago when I first joined the alpha. I still have the e-mail from sk3tch confirming the victory. I went back and re-beat it just in case (for some reason the last level was blocked off and I had to re-finish one of the earlier levels to unlock it and beat it again), but it’s not registering as completed, and it won’t let me click “Verify completion” because I already did that.

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We’re currently looking into why you got the wrong first message in that job, but rest assured that aside from that additional warning, the messages/story are the same in your scenario.

Thank you for the head’s up!

Our update tonight fixes this issue. You’ll still see the message with the OOC warning in your job, @Sylocat, but future messages where this might have occurred will be correct, and other users won’t run into the issue.