((Spoilers)) The Public, Fowler, and What?

Hey guys, remember that job regarding IAmLaurieWu? Exactly what information about that case with Fowler was released to the public? I’ve checked my records, and the only info I got was that the Terra Haute police got a lot of attention because of what has happened so far.

Has the public seen the video?
Do they know exactly what Fowler’s crime was?
Has anything new about his past come to light?
What other information about the incident’s background was made public (the raid, the suspect, the drug-dealing case)?
What are interviewees saying about him?
What are people (government officials, law enforcement staff, Samsara and other tech workers, pundits, ordinary citizens, opinion articles in the news or blogs, activists, witnesses, lawyers, etc.) saying about this incident?
Anything else interesting about the case?

…Actually, can at least one of you also check the information our group has on this case? I didn’t realize this until now because I was busy, but if I’m correct, IAmLaurieWu essentially risked pissing off SAMSARA and endangered her life over a city cop who used his strangely advanced tech and skill to commit individual violations. I’m curious, is this the kind of thing that our group usually sees in our work?

I’m particularly interested in the pasts of IAmLaurieWu, Fowler, and Mark Blake: the three people this job revolved around. A lot of crazy stuff happened over them.

Also, have you guys ever heard of Exploit, the mysterious hacker?


((Oh hey I can answer this question if it is slightly rephrased in character, here goes:))

Oh that was you? I’d heard plenty of people claim to be a part of that nation-wide event. Based on what we’ve done so far, most of our work has been about uncovering things that have already happened, not acting while things are in motion. Probably a bit more panic-inducing once you have that time limit, no?

((Now if you excuse me, I have to scrub the taste of humility out of my mouth.))

Hey, what’s up? @TChosen1, I edited some extra quotes out of your post, hope that was cool. The history should still be visible.

The Terre Haute news websites are really bad at archiving stuff, but I think I saw an article on this. I’ll track it down and see if I can host a cached version, but it might take me a sec. :sweat_smile: I think it’ll at least help with some of your questions.

I wasn’t involved in most of the stuff with our mysterious friend, but I see where IAm was coming from. This sort of thing… :confounded: People who have power or authority abuse that power all the time. Most of the time we ignore it, because if we didn’t we’d never have a moment’s rest. We just can’t process all the bad stuff in the world.

But sometimes something strikes a nerve. You’re too close or it bugs you too much and for some reason you feel like if you don’t do something no one will, and you won’t be able to live with yourself if you don’t do it. From the outside those folks might seem, like, foolhardy or something. But really they’re being pretty brave: risking their whole world for someone they don’t know.

I wish we saw more of that in our work, to be honest. Sometimes I feel sort of like a coward with how much I keep myself safe.

As for whether strangely advanced tech and skill shows up often… you’d be surprised. All sorts of people know a surprising amount about technology. All sorts of people drop out of college or teach themselves stuff for a bunch of reasons. And remember that with a bit of resources and knowhow you can make tech that’s a decade ahead of what’s on the market because you don’t need to worry about testing or manufacturing pipelines or marketability. :smile:

:confused: Who? Never heard of them. And my advice is that you haven’t either.

Okay, I tracked down that article. It’s the most accurate one I could find. Seems like once it was just an everyday police shooting the news found it a lot less interesting than when it was a car chase. :unamused:


No comment on the accuracy or objectivity. I archived it on our servers so it doesn’t get lost again in the paper’s bimonthly overhaul of their URL scheme.