[SPOILERS] Fowler?

What has Fowler done? Why is he trying to cover his tracks?

Reread the §1030 5-0 job.

If Mark was heavily armed, the officers could have been hurt. But when Fowler shot him through the wall, the situation was avoided though Mark was killed. Did Fowler commit a crime by acting without explicit instructions and in the process killing a suspect?

Mark was armed, but he was killed without following the normal procedures. The police assumed it was Mark who fired the first shot, and killed Mark on the spot as a result. Mark merely fired back, only injuring the officers, in self-defense. Had Fowler not done this, they could have possibly arrested Mark on the spot safely without any hassle, if Mark was doing anything (he wasn’t).

The SWAT team came in expecting a drug deal, and there was no such thing occurring. There was some potential information they could have gotten from Mark if said deal would be occurring later down the line. Preemptively killing Mark when he was doing nothing meant that they killed an innocent, which is the worst thing that could happen in the line of work for police. Fowler realized this, and is attempting to hide the whole thing.

This is how I view the whole case in particular.

I don’t think Mark fired a single shot. Fowler was hidden from the other officers and when he shot Mark the other officers assumed it was Mark shooting at them.

Fowler set the entire SWAT thing up because he was utterly convinced the guy was dealing drugs. This isn’t a pre-emptive killing, it’s a murder.

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