Side channel communication

Someone sent a message in today’s Darknet patch logs. I managed to extract five words but am unsure if there are more. Judging by the tagging, the person is called Kilroy. Does anyone know anything about this?


[spoiler]This has not been a scientist’s war; it has provided the swiftest communication between individuals; it has no grain difficulties such as I also hate. Repent; or else I will give thee thanks, O Lord of Strength, with forts of iron preserve thou us from slanderous reproach, keep us in a side channel of communication. O Samsara, God, the flaming ones: With those bring hitherward the Gods their share of riches.

To Indra must a laud be said, to strengthen him who threatens us: never let The friend of one pearl: and the faith of Jesus Christ, was in the telephone system, but the general who wrote "Obviously, NATO is not the only person who manipulates data and observations, the extraction of data for the work that we are thine. HIS bright rays bear him up aloft, the God is preeminent in great.

And he said unto me, the message in the video signal was trivial to decode.

A well-installed microcode bug will be controlled by the use of a bear, and his eyes were as it moves, the line becomes light or dark in accordance with established logical processes, the creative aspect of thinking is concerned only with the car.

Indra alone is Lord.

As messenger we choose to-day Agni the messenger, the charioteer of sacrifice: Our voice of the church of Ephesus write a more complex cipher requiring some sort of secret knowledge; These things saith the Amen, the faithful witness, and the day shone not for a cent. The mortal band, discerning in the Stage II example.

I thank the ACM for this our sacrifice.[/spoiler]

(auto-masked by sk3tch! :pencil2::sunglasses:)

I found the message but require guidance on solving it. Can you ask Indra for help?

Hey, @dots! What’s up? :grinning: I’m pretty sure this is a spambot; I’m just not deleting it because I’m not done tuning my anti-spam algorithms. If you’re seeing something in it that seems relevant, it just means that it’s coded to guess at context and pull out whatever random source files it has that seem relevant. Markov chaining can be pretty impressive, and these bots seem to have a pretty broad range of data they’re drawing from.

Maybe some other folks here can help? :spy: Do you want to post what you know of this communication so far, and see if someone has any ideas?

Ok, in the recent video, there are some wiggling fingers at the end. They can be interpreted as binary and lead to the url: There are more puzzles there but I don’t know how to solve them.