Removal of unwanted Systems?

So, since I SEEM to have completed all of what has been released in Black Echoes, so far, I thought it might be in my best interest to make a Cluster of my own, and see how I fare at MAKING Systems.

I have since noticed that, in accidentally adding Systems to my Systems list instead of in my Cluster [accidentally; my fault, not the site’s] that I cannot delete or remove any Systems.

Oopsies of this nature will be made as newcomers attempt to create, and create well. Recommend that a delete feature be added, both for Systems AND for Clusters. To counter the possibility of accidental deletes, the site could force an entry of the Account’s Password for verification.

Good idea?

We’ve totally got deletion of systems on our list; there’s an old IC topic about it but it totally deserves an OOC one, too.

We will be doing this at some point, but it is a little complicated to implement. While it’s still in our backlog, you can always “reuse” a system by renaming and editing it.

Regardless of where you started creating a system, it’s available to be added to a cluster as long as it’s got a saved solution (done in Test mode). We’ll be improving the interface to make that more clear.

On the topic of accidental deletion, we’ll probably just pop up a verification dialog box with something like “Are you sure you want to delete this system?”

Thanks for bringing this up!

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