Rating box disappears upon rating

Continuing the discussion from Update to 0.24.0:

Have to do a full page refresh if you want to re-rate b/c you’ve made a mistake or something.

Thanks for reporting this! Can you tell me what browser you’re using? And are you seeing this behavior on the “System solved!” pop-up, or when you click the “Rate this system” link? (or both)

Currently using chrome (latest version). Sorry for not being more specific, but the bug appears when using “rate this cluster”. (not system)

The pop-up doesn’t always appear on the system solved pop-up, so I haven’t yet found a system to try that.

Very bizarre. Chrome is what we develop in by default. Plus, any system that shows the “Rate this system” link should show the ratings in the system solved pop-up.

Did you happen to do a full refresh (Ctrl+F5)? I’m wondering if Chrome is caching some HTML and JS a bit too rigorously. If so, this wouldn’t be the first time, and we might need to see what we can do about that.

Corrections to the pop-up not appearing. The system rating pop-up doesn’t appear (assuming that it’s a rateable cluster) on @CuCN’s systems, but appears on @Bored5555’s systems

Even if a cluster is public, its systems might not be. So if you’re seeing the ratings display (like this screenshot) on a cluster but not its systems, then those systems aren’t public and can’t be rated.

If you’re on a system or cluster that you’ve solved and is showing ratings but isn’t letting you rate it, then we may have a bug. :grin: