Questions on creating clusters

Hi, Haon here. Just had a few questions that I’ve been having trouble finding answers to, so thought’d I’d post them here, in the hopes that some of you might be able to help.

  1. Significance of a ‘core’ system. I’ve noticed that in the cluster creation menu, that systems within a cluster can be designated as a core system. Is there any significance or purpose to doing this, or is it merely an aesthetic choice to show the player which cluster is the final/goal system?

  2. Public and Private systems within a cluster: This is likely a stupid question in hindsight, but when a cluster is made public, do all systems on it also have to be public as well? Ex, for a player to play a system on a cluster after earning the necessary keys, must the system be public, or can it be left private and then subsequently accessed by above mentioned keys. Wanted to clear this up, as I was concerned that if I left all the systems on the cluster public, they could be done out of order potentially by accessing them through the system list.

  3. Cost of a home cluster: Is there a way of checking how much scryp a cluster may cost to make it a home system before making it public? It’d be nice to see how much is needed beforehand, if there is a need to plan accordingly.

Anyways, that’s about it, to anyone who provides answers, you have my thanks.

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  1. For the ‘core’ system, do you mean the one with the green triangle? That’s the one that a player has to win to count as completing the cluster, e.g. to be able to rate it.
  2. Private systems in a public cluster can still be accessed through the cluster screen if the keys are unlocked. Public systems that are still locked shouldn’t be accessible, but there was a bug where they were; I don’t know if they still are.
  3. It costs 10 scryp per component (node or port).
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Alright, thanks for your help, that definitely cleared up a few things.

That got fixed, so those systems aren’t accessible.