Node-related issues

It has come to my attention that the “Nodes remain after deletion” issue is still ongoing. In addition, there are 2 issues going on with the key node, although I’m not sure if the first is as easily replicable as the second.

Nodes remaining after deletion

Referencing this issue in particular: Nodes remain after deletion

Basically the same thing that’s going on. The nodes that require an attachment to another node are the main issue. You see, after attaching it to a particular node, when that node is removed, not ALL the nodes will disappear. Attach 8 nodes to the end goal node, remove that end goal, 4 will remain. Repeat the process, and a similar result will occur.

Saving any systems that are in this state will cause the system to fail to save with no pop up as to whether it can be saved or not; an infinite loop for attempting to save the system. This happens with ALL types of blue and yellow nodes, but surprisingly not the key node, but the issue with that one is much different and will be covered below.

The user can still switch between editing and testing the system, but attempting to save or finish the draft causes an infinite loading screen to appear (that can be avoided with pressing the edit system/test system buttons, but will prevent any saving until those nodes are removed manually).

Intentionally-wise, this will not be possible to publish, and there will be no real reason to do something like this. Unintentionally-wise, if this happens by accident while making a complicated puzzle, the user can lose all the progress up to the last save point should this happen (and be unaware as to the cause of the issue).

Key node issues

1. This system brings it up pretty easily.

Where is the packet-creating node for completing this level? It isn’t that the node is missing, but rather the key is hiding it. I don’t quite understand how this is made or possible, as attempting to replicate something like this just… cannot be done, or I might be doing it wrong. Not sure if a prior update might have fixed this issue, but it’s interesting to see a published system with this issue still around.

Funny thing, it truly is the safest possible system to have (impossible to hack).

2. Assigning a missing key node

This can be done on any system. Place a packet-releasing node anywhere, then place down a key node but do not assign it to anything. Press the test button. The key node will disappear. Press the edit button. Even though the key node is gone, you can still assign the now non-existent key node to another node, virtually making it disappear from the system in test mode. Unlike the nodes remaining after disappear issue, the user can actually save this.

Note: How do I disable numbered lists in “editing post” mode? It seems that it is always on if i were to start listing the number of issues separated by paragraphs, only labeling them as "1. " every time due to the paragraphs in between each listing.

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We’ve created issues for these bugs in our issue database. We have enough information to fix them. These issues are important, but it may be a few releases until they’re resolved.

Thank you for your report!