New breach found at Nostalgia Systems

It’s funny how simple that Heartbleed bug made hacking.
I was able to cause an array access with the login system for Nostalgia Systems’ main website, leading me to a particularly juicy cluster of systems that seem to be pretty exploitable. Samsara seems to have helped Nostalgia Systems in the past, because for some reason these particular systems seem… familiar. Could you say they incite some nostalgia?

Jokes aside, let’s break in there and see what we can find. I’ll see if I can break into any of the other clusters at Nostalgia Systems.
Connection link:

((The systems in this cluster are the levels from the first chapter of the original Exploit. May remake the rest if time allows.))

Woah! What’s up with this?, anyone? This looks like old Lochan systems… should we be worried that a Samsara spinoff has some purpose for years-old security tech?

With how old this stuff is… you don’t think they left their OpenSSL setup unpatched on purpose, do you?

Oh, and this totally reminds me… some time I should tell y’all about this wild hack I got up to when I was in high school with a friend of mine. Stuff got out of control! No seriously it kind of got out of control.