Missing Alpha Key

I have not received any emails from the newsletter, and I have not received an alpha key. Has the newsletter gone out?

For the record, I know that my first two topics I made are OOC, but I will be involved once I can create systems. I have read every single topic in the Zero Day category and I am eager to get access. I plan on making some codes and puzzles as forum games. :grin:

Our records show that you’ve been sent two newsletters to the email address on your forum account. If you’re using Gmail, make sure to check your “Promotions” tab, as that’s where Google puts all newsletters unless you tell it not to.

Otherwise, check your spam folder; the newsletters generally use a subject line containing the phrase “Exploit: Zero Day News” or something similar.

It is in promotions, thanks and sorry for wasting your time.

And next time I’m having an issue related to email I’ll make sure I use my search box first. :slight_smile: