Lifespace data protection

Hey everyone, Code3907157 here.

I was poking around in Samsara’s financials, and I noticed that some of the numbers don’t quite match up. So I dug a little deeper, and found a couple of shell companies that Samsara seems to own, including Lifespace. You remember that rumor from a while back that Lifespace was selling people’s personal information to companies? Well it’s true. I managed to kludge myself a backdoor into Lifespace’s systems, and found that they do. I debated just messing with all of the data so that it’s unusable, but the actual people using the site still need some of it. So here’s where I need your help.

I’ve started seeding some programs into the databases that detects queries that seem like it’s for companies buying information, and subtly altering it to be unusable. The thing is, each entry needs the code seeded into it, and the people there occasionally clean the data. Not an in depth thing, just some periodic data maintenance, so they haven’t noticed me meddling yet. But I can’t keep inserting the code all of the time, I’ve got other systems to build and crack. So I’m going to give you guys the obfuscator program that will mess with the data, and point you to how I got in. They haven’t noticed me yet, and I did try being pretty loud behind a proxy, so unless you guys go deliberately breaking things, this access point should be good for a long time. Good luck!


Program has ran:

I’ll leave the access point open for you guys to try your skills tho. Good luck!

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I accidentally left the system on Samsara’s service for too long, and now they are hunting me down because of it. I need some help to get them off of my back, and I’ll gladly give you guys some scrypt for your assistance. Here’s the access point: C3_README