Key lockout in server simulation may be wrong

Based upon how much faster my auto-optimize script is able to accomplish this, the simulation may not be properly locking out firing on keys for “load time.”

Again here: I feel like this is an impossible time based upon the need to wait for newly-available ports to “warm up.”

I reported this (via PM) in February and I’m surprised it’s still not fixed. I made this system to demonstrate that the simulation wasn’t treating the warm-up time properly.

We’ve totally got this in our bug tracker! The reason it’s not fixed yet is that other tasks have been higher-priority for us.

This is definitely an issue, but it’s one that only shows up for advanced users (i.e. ones that fiddle with the back-end calls). Since we’ll be removing the time-based ranking soon, this bug is pretty harmless. The biggest problem, as @CuCN demonstrates, is that you can take advantage of this issue to create impossible systems.

We’ll probably fix these issues as part of our currency work.