Issues with making changes to a previously public cluster

After changing/updating a system in a cluster (and successfully saving the changes), I decided to change the keys and locks in the cluster, only to be rejected from making these changes. I understand that there are people who have cleared this cluster I’ve made, but I wanted to make these changes to notify them that this cluster is no longer completely finished anymore.

Currently the cluster is private, since I assumed that being in public caused this bug to come up. I assumed incorrectly; it is popping up while the cluster is private as well. Maybe it has to do with the fact that others had completed this cluster before that prevents me from making changes to the cluster in particular, yet still be allowed to make changes to the system?

On a side note, does making changes to a system that was previously cleared remove the keys gained from that particular system in a cluster?

Awesome timing – we deployed a fix for what you’re describing, after discovering it ourselves about an hour ago while working on a Job: Update to 0.18.0-0.18.4

It wasn’t a matter of public/private on the cluster; it was a little JavaScript issue that slipped through the cracks.

As for this, no. We check real-time which systems have been solved (and edited systems remain solved) and use that to determine which keys in a cluster have been rewarded.