Issues switching from a private system to public

While I was messing around with a system that I was making… I found that I can no longer get the button to appear that allows me to switch from private to public for that particular system. I have solved the system multiple times, but I only get the “Publish Draft and Keep Private” button appearing. I don’t want to make any more changes to this system, and I would like to make it a public system.

Not sure if it’s something that I forgot to do that’s preventing me from doing so, or if it might be another bug or issue that is occurring.

In order to make a system public, it must have a “canon” solution and not be a draft. You make canon solutions by saving the system after solving it in test mode.

From your description, and assuming that you have a canon solution, it sounds like you have two options:

  1. If you like your current draft, hit “Publish Draft and Keep Private,” then make the resulting new version public.
  2. If you like the existing system better than the draft, you can follow the link that says “This is an unfinished draft of an existing system” and make that system version public.

If those options don’t make sense or don’t seem to be available, we might need to do more diagnosis, in which case a system URL (and maybe screenshots) would be handy.

Explaining and providing guidance for these options is an ongoing process, so thank you for helping us understand what’s not clear (or might be broken)!

Yeah, I think it was that I didn’t go into the Test mode properly… Sometimes when entering test mode, the make system public option does not pop up, and other times, it does. It feels… inconsistent for me. Not sure what prevented it from coming up before (had done the same process numerous times yesterday, only to get nothing.)

It took a few times today to get it to pop up… so I’m just not sure what’s going on with it, or again, it might have been that I missed something subtle that I should have done. Regardless… I have the system public now.