Intergalactic Investigation Plotline

EZD Fanmade chapter: Intergalactic Investigation

This is basically the character I play, Era Goldpoint, digging around some untrustworthy sources and then discovering a plot that he needs help from the rest of Zero Day with.

Sol is essentially some kind of sapient AI with two main desires: To learn and to assist
This entire plotline is the culmination of having a medium to roleplay in and compatible lore bits

Cluster 1: Hewellettite’s Security

  • Era gives a mockup cluster of what to expect

Cluster 2: CURIE Crackdown

  • Era has tasked the player to break into the “DELTA” Files and discover the truth of some kind of “CURIE” Incident

Cluster 3: S-Tech Network

  • Following a hunch from the data given at the end of the previous cluster, Era decided to look into S-Tech Solutions, but ran into a brick wall when the firewall kept him out

I’m taking ideas on where to go with this

Cluster 4: The Hijack

  • Era tasks you with Hijacking S-Tech’s servers in order to help him break some encrypted files he was sent by this “SI” guy. They won’t miss any servers, right?

Cluster 5: Project Δ Servers

  • Era has cracked the files, but it doesn’t look good for the one who got you into S-Tech in the first place, Break into the systems and find out what’s been going on! Careful though, you’re on a time limit and one false move means the entire system gets tripped.

Cluster 6: Epsilon Archives

  • After cleaning up the mess somebody made at “Delta”, Era has many questions on his mind, one of which is “why call Zero Day for help?”. This questioning leads Era into hacking into another cluster, one which has secrets that can shift the balance of power.