I broke some of my clusters :(

I decided to play around with Tamper Data and messed up two of my clusters. I could add other peoples systems but couldn’t remove them. Can you please remove them for me?
Objectionable Security Module(GkM5lk) in Nostalgia Systems III(V4nXMk)
Randomizer(BdQjwr) and Internal Account Router(Ed8lWd) in omega12’s Secondary Key Database π(gNXyak)

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Objectionable Security Module
Cracking the system: §315
Beating the system creator’s time: §39
Using fewer pings than the average: §39

Not bad.

Not mine, it’s @Objection’s. I just gave it a home.

But do you get the scryp from it or does @Objection get it?

I don’t like the idea of someone being able to take my systems, that I spent quite a bit of time making, and add them to their own clusters. All of my systems are in their own clusters, so they all technically “have a home.”

That being said, I wouldn’t be able to remove my system from your cluster, as the cluster is not mine. Attempting to remove it will probably remove it from my own cluster, since it redirects me back to my own cluster (where it belongs).

I have no idea, I wish there was a more detailed breakdown of where scrypt comes from and what is available and total scrypt.

This is definitely not intended as it does break the cluster. (I get a forbidden error when trying to remove it) Anyways, the devs have fixed it as all three systems have been removed from my clusters.

I’ve removed the offending systems from the incorrect clusters.

The fact that this was possible is a huge bug! Thank you for finding it. We’ve added it to our list of issues to fix. Now that it’s identified, everyone please refrain from taking advantage of it. We have all the diagnosis information we need, so we don’t need anyone to do further experimentation on putting other peoples’ systems in their clusters.

Any scryp that was earned from “foreign” systems in a home cluster went to the creator of the system, not the creator of the cluster.

Please let us know if anyone runs into other out-of-place systems, or if there are side effects from this like systems missing from their “native” clusters.

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This issue should now be fixed.