How's our performance?

Howdy, folks! We want to do a check-in on how the site is performing speed-wise for players, especially given that we seem to have geographically diverse players now.

Some questions for you:

  1. Generally, does the site seem fast enough that its speed isn’t a distraction or deterrent from playing?
  2. More specifically, how does the cluster page loading time feel?
  3. How about the time for a system to finish loading and be playable?
  4. Do the forums feel fast?

There are plenty of things with the site that @Gregory and I could (and will) spend many hours optimizing (from front-end all the way to the databases), but we want to make sure we prioritize that appropriately with the other development the site/game needs.

Rock on,

Considering I basically spam your solution checker, that’s doing fine. The puzzle-load experience is a touch longer that I would want (so much JS to load), but I don’t know how to speed it up without ditching full-page refreshes. Forums are solid on Discourse.

I feel like the post-solution experience is a bit rocky (UX, progression) but most everything else seems solid. That’s probably where I would focus on polishing first since literally everybody will see it.

The site loading times are acceptable, but as @percent20 said, the puzzle loading and saving is a bit slow. While the server is holding up pretty well so far, you’ll have to consider upgrading before official release.

The entire site (but not the forum) seems to stop working while the solution checker is running. I set up a system which forced the solution checker to check a very long solution, and no other pages on the site would load until the solution checker was done (which took a couple minutes).