How Scryp Works

Here’s some more info on scryp, prompted by @dots’s musings.

We’ve explained in detail how scryp rewards from solutions work here: How Scryp Rewards Work

You can also earn scryp from jobs; these are set by us based on the rough difficulty and story importance of the job.

Occasionally we’ll give extra scryp from special promotions (ECGC attendees got a bit extra) or certain special events.

Either way, scryp earned goes into your available scryp first. This is the scryp you’re able to spend on things (i.e. to pick a home cluster and install systems in it). When you spend scryp, your available scryp decreases.

Your total scryp shows all the scryp you’ve ever earned. It’s the sum of your available scryp and how much you’ve spent on things. Your total scryp should never decrease unless (spoiler:) someone like Chamunda takes it from you, in which case you’ll have fair warning of negative consequences ahead of time.

Any questions about how scryp works that aren’t covered here?

In what job did Chamuda remove scrypt?

It happens if you double-cross her in Fearsome Aspect. If it happened, the message will say that you lost scryp. The previous message warns you that the choice may have consequences. Similar things may happen elsewhere in the future.

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