Headless Swarm Released

Our first season of paid story, “Headless Swarm,” is now available. You should already have a message from Kilroy-sama. To gain access to the story, you can purchase it from the Store link in the navigation on the darknet.

When the mysterious Kilroy-sama approaches you to investigate the suspicious crash of a consumer drone, you discover the history of the sinister OnyxHorde and their connection to an old friend. But why is Samsara Digital interested in these events? Who is their slick PR representative and what does she want? Can you save the Zero Day inner circle and stop a violent attack on innocents? Find out the truth in the prelude season of Exploit: Zero Day - “Headless Swarm.”

At release time, “Headless Swarm” will have two full jobs available. We’ll be releasing additional jobs over time for a total of nine main jobs (and some side story). Purchasing “Headless Swarm” will grant immediate access to the alpha test, so share the link with any friends who would be interested! If money is tight right now, alpha keys will still be distributed through the mailing list and will grant access to the free story, “Black Echoes.”

We’re nervous and excited about this release. This is a big deal for us. How this story is received will determine the future of Exploit: Zero Day. Please share any thoughts or questions you might have. And have fun!

Get “Headless Swarm” now!