Friend requests

what are friends for? lol, i mean in ezd. Also, in the vein of trying to roleplay, is my IC character already friends with people with whom I’m friends OOC? Or should I, IC, try to befriend people i know OOC?

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At the moment, friends only serve to let you keep track of people you know and see when they have solved a system you’re viewing.

In the future, we’ll be adding more ways to keep up with your friends’ activities, and you’ll earn more scryp when interacting with your friends than with strangers.

As for the IC/OOC concerns, it’s up to you! You can assume that your IC persona is friends with the personae of your OOC friends, or you can keep them more separate. If you want to befriend people that you don’t know OOC, try sending them a private message on the forum to introduce yourself!

Myself (@Gregory) and @Melissa are almost entirely OOC, at least for now, but everyone’s welcome to send us friend requests if you like!