Feedback on Peru Jobs

Hello, everyone! By this point you’ve had a while to check out the new pair of jobs that feature Peru. Seven of you have completed one of the jobs, with five of those choosing to work with Mahodara and two choosing to reject him.

The story and sequence of the jobs’ clusters change depending on which choice you make. This topic is a place for you to give us OOC feedback on what you think and compare notes with people who took a different approach. Feel free to also start an IC topic to chat about things in-character!

We’d like to know what you think of the storytelling and puzzlecrafting of this, our largest job yet. This job should give you a good feel for our current plans regarding “single-player” content.

Please share any thoughts or suggestions about these jobs: “Institutional Surgery” and “Andean Trail.”

I’ve encountered no technical problems while going through all of Institutional Surgery.

I did the Andean Trail one and it was fun. I have a couple of comments:

  1. Mincetur Revenue Tracker, despite its complex appearance (and I suspect the solution is meant to be complex), it is solvable in 3 steps. SPOILER ALERT! Bottom row, leftmost port; left column, bottom port; bottom row, second-left port.
  2. Local Incidental Fee Processor I solved almost purely by chance. Working out the timings for that level was seriously hard.

I chose the Andean trail route, and saw no technical issues. The puzzles were mostly of average difficulty, good for how soon they shows up. Storytelling is fine, no real problems. I get the feeling I’m being set up to be betrayed by KernelPop. Hating Samsara is one thing, but he(she?) spends every third sentence talking about how despicable they are. Methinks he doth protest too much.

I really enjoyed the way the story was put together. Also, knowing that I was making a choice to not see some content was really, really, difficult. That’s always one of my favorite parts of FPG games: the story, the writing, the attention to detail. I had to decide which part of the story I wanted to hear.

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