Expanding cluster size

When expanding a cluster to 5x5 size (have not tested with other sizes) and saving a system at x=5 y=1 coordinates, the system always gets moved to x=5 y=2 after refreshing.
When saving another system at x=5 y=1, an error informs me there already is a system at those coordinates: {"non_field_errors":["There is already a system in that position of the cluster (4, 1)"]}

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That’s an issue! Thank you. I’ll put together a hotfix for it and hopefully have it fixed soon.

This issue should now be fixed.

For folks curious about the problem: adding the cluster resize buttons modified the HTML structure of the page and we were using a naïve method of getting the coordinates of a system based on its row and column in the table serving as the cluster grid. I changed it to properly only count system rows and cells when making this calculation.

Let us know if you have any other issues! Thank you very much for reporting this one.