Discourse: profile image exists, but doesn't display everywhere

(Is there a better way for me to handle this than individual forum topics? Part of what I’m doing is trying to trigger not being “New” so that I can post images…)

I’ve uploaded a profile image, it displays in the top-right corner, it does not display in any other context.

Discourse went down (502 nginx Bad Gateway), popped back up, and now my profile image is everywhere. Closing as “WORKSFORME.”

Edit: This might also be something that started working the moment I hit “Basic User” privilege level. I’m unsure. They happened at approximately the same time.

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We had an issue with our installation of ImageMagick, which is what Discourse uses for thumbnailing. It’s been fixed.

Individual forum topics are just fine! We appreciate the help testing our forum software and filling out the number of posts on the site.