Design Preview for Corrupted Nodes on the FPG Newsletter

Hello, hackers. We just sent out an issue of our company newsletter that talks about our plans for adding new nodes to EZD! Since folks on this forum are likely to be interested, you can check it out (without signing up!) over at Mailchimp.

In short: sometime in the future we want to add several new node types, “corrupted” versions of existing nodes, selectable just like the current ones. You’ve already seen two of them: the Sensor and Semaphore will become corrupted versions of the Buffer and Flipflop. We want to be careful when designing them so that they are a good fit for the game.

If you like the sort of stuff we’re putting out in the newsletter and aren’t already subscribed, you can sign up there! We put out a newsletter about every two months and don’t use your email for anything else.

Nice to hear new nodes will be arriving at some point, looking forward to it!

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